How can I trade?

Members can log-in or create an account and select the “Trade” feature on the product you are interested in and submit your “trade submission form” with us. Once our verified resale store accepts the trade, we will get back to you within 24-48hours with a shipping label for you to print out and drop off with the package. If there are no issues, you will receive the item you traded for within 7 days of acceptance.

What is a valid trade offer?

We only allow offers of DSWT (deadstock with tags) or VNDS (very new deadstock) grade items. Any flaws or defects (B-Grade, yellowing, box condition, missing / replacement insoles, scuff marks, tears or manufacturing defects) must be shown in the additional boxes we allow for “defects” with a fitting description of the shown product defect.

How does ShopSwap guarantee 100% safe and authentic trades?

Every verified resale store will authenticate your product and send you back products that are 100% authentic, guaranteed.

Are all items on your store guaranteed 100% authentic?

Yes, we are a store-to-customer interface. There is no room / acceptance for fakes and each of our verified resale stores only carry 100% authentic products.

Can I “trade up” for an item that I want?

Yes, in our “trade proposal form” we have the option to add additional money on-top of the item you are trying to trade in. (However there is no option for our verified resale stores to add additional money with their items.)